I have an Ibanez RG370dx, I want a guitar with a different sound so I am thinking of buying a telecaster. However, it's kinda out of my range so i was wondering if putting original pickups on a cheap knockoff would work? How much sound difference would there be in an original fender vs a replica with orignial pickups (preferably the ones janick gers uses).

Also, for playing led zepplin, iron maiden what would be better telecaster or stratocaster?
I'm sure it depends on the guitar and pups. I recently picked up a cheap as can be lp copy with SD 59s and it sounds amazing. Its not much of a player but the sound is really warm and rich, doesn't match the guitar. So it is possible but pups aren't gonna make it play any better. Check out the AXL El Dorado, its a good tele copy for half the cost of a Fender mim. And the stock pups are excellent, bright but really thick and musical, I love the neck pup on mine.
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A Mexi Tele or G&L Tribute ASAT is a lotta guitar for the buck. I'd own either one.
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I have a MIM 72 Telecaster Custom Reissue, has a humbucker in the neck and single coil in the bridge.

One of my favorite guitars and can be had on the used market for 500 bucks.
1) What is your actual budget? By the time you buy a copy and swap pups, you might have spent enough to buy a guitar that will do what you want HOW you want with no modifications.

Here are several guitars under $650 that could do the job (except possibly the Six Gun).

2) I don't know about Strats, but Jimmy Page certainly played Teles, Danelectros in addition to his Gibsons. That said, I bet a good HSS Strat would do just as well...as would a host of other guitars! (see question #1)
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