Hey guys,

So, I've played bass for about 5 years now and have never even attempted slapping. Crazy as that sounds... haha. Anyways, I've gotten the itch to learn to slap lately. I've been trying to take it slow, I've watched various youtube videos and whatnot, but my question is about accuracy when slapping, I've noticed that when I slap the A string, I tend to clip the E string as well. Is this normal and I just need to mute the E string when playing? Or do I need to work on my accuracy when slapping?

Slapping is definitely not my thing, but I do know that it takes a great deal of practice to get it down properly. Slapping is not just technique; it is also about accuracy. Practice and development of coordination will increase your accuracy, and that problem will disappear.
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Here's good archive thread on the technique that is worth reading. The key is to take it slow and practice as FatalGear has said. Its not something that you can conquer in an afternoon.
When I started out slapping I had that same problem, I think its a time thing. After a month or two my accuracy went up. I found playing Can't Stop by the Red hot chili peppers really helpful for practicing accuracy.

Yeah so really I think accuracy comes naturally over time. Hope I helped...