Hi, I've got numerous problems with my guitar and most of them seem to be related to fret buzz.

-Everything past the 12th fret buzzes a ridiculous amount (the 12th fret is the worst)
-This makes palm muting on any fret sound bad
-Pressing down on any fret, I can see the string resting against the next fret/sometimes pretty much laying on frets12-24

-The deepest string likes to randomly ring out when not being played, adding feedback on everything

-The other strings may randomly resonate, too. Sometimes, they ring out even when being muted, probably fret buzz.

I'm using drop A on a 6 string, which I know is hardly smart, but my guitar used to play fine.

What are some things I could try in order to fix these issues?
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Well first of all, when you tune your guitar down, your strings have less tension and vibrate in a much larger arc, which in itself will cause buzzing. You might want to go to heavier strings.

If you are getting most of your buzzing past the 12th fret it might indicate a high fret or possibly too much relief. Here's a short article on fret buzz I wrote that can help you troubleshoot your problem. (removed)

If you find you have too much relief, tightening (turn clockwise) the truss rod will straighten the neck and will also bring your action down, so you'll probably have to raise it at the bridge/saddles. When I do a set-up, I first get the relief where it should be, then set string height.....

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The buzz is most likely a neck relief issue and the open string ringing is most likely a muting technique issue.

Did you setup the guitar for DropA? If not, choose your strings (thicker than you need for E) and do or get a full professional setup, starting with the neck relief.
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I'm using fairly heavy gauge strings, 12-60s, which have been fine before.
I'll look into neck relief to see if that does anything.
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