Forgive my ignorance, but what it the function of the 'Bypass' pedal thing on the Zoom G1xon multi effects pedal? I can't understand if it has a use other than to leave a patch blank.

Does it have any other function if you put it before or after effects? Because you can't turn it on or off using the pedal. Just curious.

That's it purpose. To not have an effect in that slot. No reason to believe it's order will affect anything.

At first glance you might think that having any effect in the slot and not turned on is exactly the same. Except the Zoom appears to apply a DSP usage to every effect and may deny you certain ones if the max is exceeded. So a bypass avoids adding usage for an effect you don't intend to use.
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Assuming it's the same as on the G3, then yes it is just to leave a blank step in your patch.

With the G3 you can assign 6 effects/amp sims to a patch, but you can then set some of the effects back to a bypass if you don't want to use them. Also, if you have two amp sims active it will automatically bypass one of them.

And no, you can't turn it on or off, bypass is just bypassed - the ability to turn it on would just mean you go from having a bypass to having a bypass!

Hope that helps?
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