Hey dude! Sounds great! I have to watch the the first three seasons with friends soon ( we want to watch 1-2 seasons per day, so 10-20 hours of GOT per day.. ): ahaha)
Anyway, it sounds really good to me, great technique as always.
P.s. Did you use the preset I sent you? it should sound different as our guitars are different though
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Thanks guys, your words are much appreciated

Ludo950 Yeah GoT is a hell of a serie, beside the fact that the first episodes aren't that good, afterward it's great ; )
I used pretty much the same Guitar Rig 5 preset on this video as I used on my Altitudes cover, except that I lowered the gain and the tone/drive of the Skreamer
Wow dude, very nice! I love your interpretation, it reminds me a lot of Powerglove's "Power, Wisdom, Courage". Great video and quality editing as well. I have no critical things to say, your technique was great and everything flowed really well, good job!