i'm trying to improvise over this track


in the associated pdf there is a quick chart and the chords are:

E7#9 B7 E7#9 B7
E7#9 B7 E7#9 B7
F#11 Em F#11 Em
F#11 Em F#11 B7#9

I cannot hear the changes, could someone help me adding the minute/second where the chord is used?

thanks a lot
It sounds like every time that chord "swoosh" is heard, it is either the E7#9 or the F#11. The little bit of improv in between is the B7, Em, or B7#9.

You should be able to mess around in E blues.
Yes, E minor pentatonic address all the track, but, as suggested in the accompanying pdf, the use of F lydian and B phrygian on the related chord gives you more possibilities, so it would be nice recognise where are this chords in the track just to try new sounds :-)
If you can't actually hear the changes then the whole exercise is somewhat moot.

I suggest you spend some time working with simpler backing tracks whilst working on your listening skills and chord knowledge - moved to MT.
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thanks for your response, anyway be able to get all chords change in this track is a really good listening exercise, in this moment i'm still trying to get this changes, i can already manage to get chord changes in simpler track.

This one is quite tricky and it challenges me, so if someone would partecipate would be nice
I've made some progress in understanding the chord progression, the first change to the F#11 is at the 20th seconds more less only that form me sound good using this chord shape:


which is a Dm9, that i think could be a substitution for F #11,
the E7#9 of course sounds good in this shape:
Muted or 0

so for the moment the progression i can hear is:

E7#9 B7 E7#9 B7
E7#9 B7 E7#9 B7
F#11 Em F#11 Em
F#11 Em F#11 B7#9

what i hear:
E7#9 E7#9 E7#9 E7#9
E7#9 E7#9 E7#9 E7#9
Dm9 Dm9 Dm9 Dm9
Dm9 Dm9 Dm9 B7#9

so the changes E7#9 B7 are barely audible for me or it's due to the position i choose for the B7
the same for the F#11 Em or to me Dm9 Em

i'll try to make some progress
That chord chart is way off. There are just three chords in the backing track.

The first 8 bars are E7#9 and the next 7 bars are Fmaj7#11. Then there's one bar of B7#9.

I don't understand where the F#11 chord comes from. There are no F# chords in the track. It's an Fmaj7#11 chord. After one bar of Fmaj7 there's always one bar of riff in E but I wouldn't call it a chord change.

Oh, now I see what the F#11 meant. It didn't mean Fsharp 11th chord. It meant F (natural) add #11. But that's an incorrect way of writing the chord name.
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