Alright Pit, I need help, and since I'm here, you know I'm desperate.

Kidding, but seriously, I need help.

I'm running Ubuntu 14.04, and have TuxGuitar installed. The sound works, but the quality is just god awful. It sounds very compressed and synthesized. I've had the program on Windows, never had a problem like this. Thoughts? The TG version is 1.2, btw.
Isn't TuxGuitar always compressed and synthesised?
will someone carry me across ten thousand miles under the silence[/center[
I know what it SOUNDS like, I mean, it's way worse now. I guess I can't explain it, I suppose I'll keep digging.

Like I said, I've used the program on Windows almost religiously.
What we're saying is, it's not because you switched to Ubuntu. Although, I suppose updating your Ubuntu sound driver wouldn't hurt...
Alright, I'll explain it this way; every instrument sounds like a piano. Including guitars. The drums sound electronic, and not in the normal TG way.
On Windows, TuxGuitar plays through Microsoft's wavetable synth which I'm guessing isn't used in linux. Look to see if you can install one that sounds better.

EDIT: Howto here (the post by Pablo), apparently you can output Tux to any softsynth.
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