I'm trying to start my own one man project and I need a bass.
I've played guitar for about 5 years, and am going to start playing bass now.

I've been looking at this

any other suggestions?
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The B.C. Rich basses were certainly popular with the Hair Metal bands of the 1980s, but I think that there are better basses for you. For about the same price as the B.C. Rich, you could get a Squier Vintage Modified Jazz bass that would certainly play better, and probably sound better, too. Are you sure you want a four-string bass? A lot of current metal bands employ five-string basses. What is your budget? And are you willing to buy a used bass? If you go used, your choices increase considerably.
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Check out the IbanezGSR200. Great beginner bass. Ibanez is good for metal.
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Check out the FAQ for some of the standard suggestions. Usually we'd advise you to stay away from that low end BC Rich stuff. They're great for poking someone's eye out with, but other than that you can do much much better.

Check out the Squier Vintage Modified and Classic Vibe series Precision and Jazz basses, they're probably the best bang for your buck and can do just about anything. Also worth a look: the Ibanez GSR200 or better yet the SR300, or the Peavey Millennium BXP.
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