Hey man. Thats some phat riffage! Very cool stuff. You really got nice heavy low end without it becoming a muddy mess. The break down worked nice too. The soloish lead part around 2mins was cool too. It's a shame there arent any vocals to make it complete.

The only thing I didnt really like was the snare sound. It seems like it has a lot of reverb on it and sounds ok for most of the track but on the short sections of blast beat it sounds a little out of place. It also sounds a little machine gun style on the blast sections.

Other than that I liked it. Im gonna have a listen through some of your other stuff too a little later.

If you fancy checking out my stuff link

Hey thanks! That means a whole lot to me! :'D vocals are actually being worked out right now then mixing them will be an adventure \m/ kick and snare are really tricky. I'm never happy with my tones and always tweak them until they become decent. then I overthink it and completely screw them up xD
Haha I should probably do that man! screenshot my progresses :P I love going back to old mixes and thinking "I'm so happy I'm better now, this was bad" xD