ok so i'm not very familiar with amps and the differences between them, but now i'm trying to find a good amp but i'm not sure where to start.

i'd like it to be relatively cheap ($120 - $150 is max probably) and i'd like it to be good for music styles like Muse (their older stuff mainly) and Rage Against the Machine. Mostly Muse, though.

my amp right now is SUPER cheap and stupid (it's First Act. i think that says enough about it) and it has a built in Overdrive, which i'd like my new amp to have, as i can't afford an amp and an overdrive pedal, and if real amps even have overdrive ever. i hear a lot have reverb, but i don't really play with that sort of thing often.

so can someone suggest to me some good amps? or amp manufacturers that would have amps within my price range? i'm sorry this is such a noob question! i've just never had to deal with amps before and i've got no clue what i'm doing.
a used modeling amp with a 12 inch speaker will do you good. peavey vypyr 30 or some vox vt amp.
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Maybe a used Epi Valve Jr. If you already have an amp, $150 isn't really gonna buy you much of an upgrade, unfortunately. I guess a VIP or VT would be better than a first act but if I were you I'd save a lil longer and aim a lil higher, maybe find something a lil more used.

An mfx would be a better investment than an amp, with that money, imo.
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^ while I do like valve jr.'s, and I went as far as modding my amp enough so now it can act like a valve jr., I don't think that's a hell of an idea - the built in speaker isn't anything special, it doesn't have a master volume so he'd need a pedal for the kinda distortion he wants to achieve, and it doesn't let you control what you pass through it much 'cause it lacks a tone stack.

I too would say save up more and find yourself a better amp, 'cause $150 will not get you far.
I mean you'll get something but you'll want something new after 6 months 'cause what you have doesn't sound good enough.

I'd try and save up for a jet city 2ch 20w combo, or a valvetronix with a 12" speaker if you absolutely can't reach up to the jet city price.
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a used modeling amp with a 12 inch speaker will do you good. peavey vypyr 30 or some vox vt amp.

Agreed. With a $120-$150 budget, an used Peavey Vypyr 30 would probably be the best option.

It sounds good, it's reliable, and it already has built-in effects that are needed to nail some of the Muse and RATM tones.

A Valve Jr. definitely isn't the right amp for this job, and a Jet City would make the budget go through the roof because you'll need a few pedals to be able to get the tones TS is looking for.
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If you're going fairly heavy, go for the Vypyr. The Vox Valvetronix range is great and excels at classic rock, blues etc, but it's not made for metal.

The Jet City is a good suggestion too, although as you're still learning you might be better off with a modeller so you can experiment with your sound more. As a learner, you might currently think you only want to play like your favourite few artists, but as your playing evolves so will your requirements for the type of tone you want. With a modelling amp, you can try everything and learn what you really want from an amp before you upgrade to a tube amp.
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This is a much better amp than the Vypyr and it is pretty cheap. It has some nice FX and you can get the floorboard for $50 and then you will have a fully gigable rig.

The amp is $139
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