Just a quick hello to all and a brief rundown on myself.

I'm soon to be 40 and have been playing for a few months now. Although I've owned a guitar here and there along the years I could never find the motivation to learn.

That changed a few months ago with the purchase of a horrible electric Jacksville or some such, took a saw to it in the end to find that it wasn't basswood but a man made mdf of some kind, fookin horrible piece of crap

At the same time I bought the older "Rocksmith", and I just have to say that it has actually kept my interest up so much I bought a cheap epi LP to play with, looks like I'm gonna get a cheapo bass for Christmas (had such a blast playing LA woman using bass emulation). I also use online teachers (justin / andy guitar etc) and steal a few routines from my daughters violin lessons.

A few other interests I have are photography and electronics, I'm in the process of gathering components to build my own amp + cab.

Ah, I'm also disabled so that's why everything's cheap or takes time to get, on the mend I think so hopefully start earning again soon

Overall I'm just learning guitar primarily for fun, no illusions about becoming the next big thing, unless my belt size could be included in that
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Hey mate, welcome to the forums!

One place you might be interested at taking a look at is the Guitar Building & Customisation sub-forum. I've seen a few people there building amps, and I'm sure they'd love to see more. If you ever do need advice on it as well, there's some pretty smart people over there.

Anyway, hope you enjoy the forums!
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Thanks man,
Having a good read through some the builds now, some very interesting builds and good guides too
"If I didn't know I was a genius, I wouldn't listen to the trash I write."