I named it dtprog because it really reminded me of These Walls, but I swallowed my pride and went on with it anyway.

It might drag a little, I tried having like a chorus and stuff. There's probably supposed to be vocals over this. Also I need to come up with a solo.

Also I wanted to try this tuning out, but it's not really doing anything for me yet.
sounds pretty damn cool man. for the clean parts, id recommend having some more ambience, preferably chordal. they seem to be lacking some kind of low end/body. also, for the part thats supposed to have a solo, id recommend either taking away or lowering that keyboard melody. it would either kind of take away from the solo, or just make it difficult to hear
I agree with the guy above me that some atmospheric strings would fit in real nice with the clean parts, and overall I'm not too crazy about the sawtooth leads - the melody itself is strong but the choice of sawtooth makes it feel like chiptune metal a bit. Unless you were going for that, but I like the main melody much more when it switches to guitar. Regardless of that, really nice song with good melody and hook.