Here's my newest cover! Probably my favorite song from Dope, if you've never heard it, I recommend at least checking out the song. Learned the song mostly by ear, there were a few parts I couldn't make out so I just did whatever As always C4C.
Awesome to see someone covering Dope, let alone a bonus track, LET ALONE ONE OF MY FAVOURITE SONGS BY THEM!

I came into the forum kinda by chance, so to see this it was a real treat. Totally nailed that riff that you hear right at the intro (and re-appears throughout the song). There were a few details that were missing in the guitar parts (both lead and rhythm I think), but you still did a sick job!!! Also, kudos for being one of (if not THE) only people/person to have covered it on YouTube with no proper tabs of the song online either. I for one know how hard that can be so for that, I praise you greatly.

I've even given you a "like" on YouTube, just cause I can!

I don't mind which one you crit....I'm just keen to hear what you think!

Wednesday 13 - Till Death Do Us Party:


Type O Negative - Green Man:


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Nice to see some Dope here, usually not much people covers that easy songs, but it's still sounds great. You did a great job on pinch harmonics here, almost all of them is right and sounds sweet, but in the middle of the song I notice some wrong notes in that mini-solo, but that's not a big deal. As for video, you should propably find some other place to record a video next time, because that light from the window is really annoyoing sometimes. Also, you can tab this song and post it here on UG, it takes not much of a time, but it will help other people in the future

C4C?: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1656115