I listened to this last nite after eating a brownie.... ill leave it at that.

Anyway, I'm listening to Sea of Cold now, and love the video game style synth combined with the guitar. Would work well for a game. THe drums definetly could use a bit more and so could the bass. I think the tone for the guitar is a little to much for the chill wave thing you have going on. The synth line is simple but catchy, I love the groove going on around 2:00 right before the chorus. One thing that could make the guitar a bit better is riding on the bass note of the chords to give it an extra 'edge' if you will. The speech was unexpected but very welcome.

Ominous terrain was very chill as well, very dark and ambient at the begining but slowly turns into something. Reminds me of The Binding of Isaac is you've ever played it.

C4C please?
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Yes, Owen, I have played the Binding of Isaac and I loved the soundtrack. Very cool and little disturbing. Most of my influences for this kind of stuff comes from game music I guess.
Anyway, appreciate the critique! That's very useful since I have no experience for electronic music.