Hi guys, i love Cloudkicker, i think there are not enough tabs of his. I stumbled onto the chords for the track "Let Yourself be Huge" while transcribing Buckethead's "Attic Floor" and i thought i shouldn't waste the knowledge so i started transcribing.
Every other part has been (almost) transcribed but the bass confuses me a little. You see, the entire soon consists of loops of passages. In the case of the bass it consists of 4 bars with 5 notes being played throughout. But then the repetition comes and instead 2 notes are played each time. Then that passage ends and it repeats everything again with one notes being played and so on.

Im not a bass player, i do what i can based on my ear, but i can't figure out those notes being played on the bass. I was wondering if there was anyone willing to help me finish this tab so i can upload it for everyone else to learn. Here is the bass section:

Bass section

Thanks for the help =)