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Going from a 1 monitor set up to a two monitor set up is revolutionary. Going from flipping between tabs in browsers to being able to have Netflix, a football game, a film or just iTunes in another window is great.

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One. I will get two when I have a desk wide enough to support them.
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I've been using 2 monitors for several months now. It's kinda weird once you get used to it and then have to deal with just one for a while. The other day I was using my friends laptop and kept wanting to throw something on a monitor that wasn't there.
Two. Going back to just one for doing serious stuff would be awful. I have no problem using my little 11 inch laptop for normal stuff though.
one cuz i aint no damn nerd
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Two right now. If I get a new TV in November I'll mount my 32 inch one above my monitors. Might also add a third monitor at some point
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One. I don't spend a lot of time at home, so I'm usually on my laptop. I don't have a desktop, even.
One when I do everyday shit and two when I work.
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atm i mostly just use my macbook speakers or senn hd380pros but i'm saving for a pair of krk rokits or a couple of nice genelecs, might get a small sub too hmu will (rip)

Genelecs make me wet.

I use two. Could never go back to one. I don't know how anyone gets any work done with only one monitor.
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one cuz i aint no damn nerd

this. and it ain't even led or nethin come at me n3rds.
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I wish I was American.

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Two, but one is my TV.
It's hardly a TV tho. I mean it's on my desk right next to my other monitor, and it's a somewhat small TV so it's about the same size as my actual monitor so w/e.
Only shit thing (and it's a really shit thing) is that the TV is only 720p

I need to get another monitor, but the actual one i'm using isn't made anymore so I can't get a matching one.
Just one.

Just curious, everyone whos saying they can't imagine using just one monitor, what are you using them for?
Two. My laptop and an extra one. I usually use the extra for just what TS described movies/music etc.
Currently I only use 21 monitors but am looking to upgrade to 22.

Nah but I only have 1 but I have to try out 2 sometime soon since everyone raves about it. But I am going away to uni soon and doubt I will have the room for 2, and I am a chronic saver (chrometophobia)
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I used to use two until I realised it was pointless and everybody who claims it's advantageous in any way is lying through their teeth.

Edit: Actually it was good for playing Command and Conquer...
Just one. If flicking through tabs is such a problem you must be lazy as shit
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I only use one monitor for my desktop. I don't have enough room on my desk for a second monitor and I mainly use a laptop anyway.
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