Hi my name is Jack!

I'm an experienced audio engineer/producer and I've been recording and mixing audio for the past 3 years and furthermore have just started a 2 year degree in "Music Production and Audio Engineering". I'm looking for groups of bands/artists to work with to build up my portfolio and to help gain a small reputation.

I know not everyone can afford to pay up to £100 for a track to be mixed and as the title says "FREE TRACKS MIXED AND MASTERED" there is no catch, worst case scenario is you decide not to use my mix which is perfectly fine. Your track mixed for FREE! Nothing to lose right?

If you played me some of my favourite songs 3 years ago I would say "This is awesome, this band kicks ass!", then to listen now I would think "That's not loud enough, I would EQ that differently, There's no dynamics or clarity". I'm all about giving your song that "In your face" attitude and punch that every song deserves from start to finish. My passion and determination to succeed in music can guarantee that you will be thrilled with your mixes and I won't give up on your tracks until your 110% happy with them.

My main style of music is definitely more Rock and Metal orientated but I'm a fan of all genres ranging from Pop, Hip-hop, Rap, Jazz, Country, and even Barry Manilow!
Here's the most recent track/multi track stem I had a go at mixing and mastering, just so you can get an idea of my style of mixing.
Sorry, we don't do free advertising here - if you're desperate for mix practice, ask more politely in the Chat thread or something and don't try to sell people your life story... especially when you're pretty much looking for clients, not trying to get practice everyone else can also play around with.
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