So there's the Yamaha FGX700SC. I found a bundle on kraftmusic.com for around $339.99.
Then I saw the Yamaha FGX720SCA. It was around $100 more for the same bundle with this guitar. I have no idea what the difference between them is.

I went to Yamaha's website to compare both of these guitars. It seems that they both have the same pickup, top, sides, bridge and fingerboard.

Someone please help me out to compare these two. I have no idea why the other one is more expensive.
Go to this page at Yamaha, and read very carefully the fine print: http://usa.yamaha.com/products/musical-instruments/guitars-basses/el-ac-guitars/fgx_fjx_fsx/?mode You can also download a PDF on this page, to study at your leisure/

All the guitars are different body sizes! But, at least statistically, I can't tell the difference between the two you mention either! If it came to that, I'd just get the 700.

Whatever the difference might be, Yamaha isn't admitting to it in the spec list. There is a tiny difference in the cutaway styling from the 700 to the 720.

However, the FGX-720 SC, (SC suffix only, not SCA), is a medium jumbo, and that might be worth a look and listen. When you up bump up to that model, the body and back are mahogany instead of sapele, (Still laminated though), and a step up pickup system. The daily sell at M'sF is $470.00, as opposed to $300.00 for the FGX-700
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