Hi everyone,

I've been doing some research since I'm looking to get a 2x12 cab, plus a power amp (I already own a pod x3 live and I'd like to get the most of it)

I'm currently running the pod through a vox ad50vt, and I really love what I've been getting from this amp, but my guess as I've read, seen, (not heard, that's why I'm here :P) is that the pod offers more than that.

So, taking my budget, and that not every piece of equipment is available here in Argentina into consideration, this is what I've come up to,

* An orange 2x12 ob cab. https://www.orangeamps.com/products/guitar-speaker-enclosures/open-back/ppc212ob/
* Rocktron velocity 100 (not the ltd. Dk what the difference is, if there's any) http://www.rocktron.com/velocity-100ltd-rack.html

Am I right in terms of power ? (I'll be using it at home and maybe for some recordings)

Any other thing I should look into?

I love messing around with the tones but If I have to choose three I would say:

* Audioslave's Tom Morello Distortions,
* Judas Priest's Tipton and Downing in "Painkiller" and "Sad Wings of Destiny"
* Paul Gilbert during Racer X

And I would add me while doing whatever I feel I need to do with the tone,

Anyway, thanks in advance since I'm a bit lost, once a dig into the subject I get a bit confused, and it's not an usual setup (at least in this side of the globe), so it makes it even harder to get some answers.
That will work fine, the cab you are posting for has two 60W V30 speakers so it can handle up to 120W of power. The poweramp you selected delivers less than that so you are good to go.
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I wouldn't get a velocity.
They're pretty sketchy in terms of specs, and the sound is nothing special.

I'd rather get a small yamy PA amp, or a carvin TS100.
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