Hello, Folks!

I have a Epiphone G-400. I bought it new, maybe 6 or 7 years ago. It has sime issues, but I'm adressing them one at a time!

It always had a very annoying fret buzz on the Low E, between 5th and 8th/9th frets (stronger on 5th). I've been using D'Addario .010 - .46.

First thing I did when I bought it, was to send it to a complete set up. The guy told me the neck was twisted/warped just by taking a quick look. I took a look when I bought it, and it seemed normal. As he said he could fix it for me, I left for him to do the set up and neck fixing (since he told me he could return my guitar in an hour, I don't think the twist/warp was real). Actually, the guitar plays great, except for this buzz.

Thing is: Everytime I leave a guitar for a Luthier, I always have the impression that they change strings, and that's it.

The guitar came back just the same. Well, I didn't care much...

Now, I'm taking guitar more seriously, and the buzz has been annoying me. Since I always think that the local Luthiers suck, and are REALLY expensive, I studied about doing the job myself.

So, I measured neck relief with a credit card, and notice that, in the middle of the neck, with 1st and last frets pressed, the strings were too close to the frets. So I gave it a bit more neck bow with half a turn of the truss rod (1/4 a time, in time span of two days).

Now, in the third fret, there is the space of a credit card to go through the Low E string. But not in the middle of the fretboard. And the buzz is still there.

I have 2 questions:

1. Is the deeper bow on the upper part of the neck (3rd fret) normal? Deeper than in the middle?
2. Should I keep trying the fine adjustments of the truss rod or should I set the bridge higher? It is actually quite low, now, but I like it this way, and wouldn't like to set it higher, if I can leave it the way it is.

Thanks a lot for the help!
Have you tried a straight edge on the frets to see if they are a bit high.

A pic of the neck would help.
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