With a lot of guitar happening with significant gain/distortion things are a bit muddy. I'm guessing the amount of delay (and maybe some reverb) is adding to the muddiness. Maybe some tone tweaking, further panning, and EQ could help. In general, the more guitar tracks you have, the less you need gain/distortion. The guitar riffs are fine. Please review my music at this link:

I liked it alot, especially the outro and some of the chords but the main riff is a little difficult to distinct from the rest of the track making it harder to follow when it should be the easiest. Otherwise, nice job on this piece!

C4C please?

Nice guitar work. I like the rhythm guitar in the first section - it adds a nice texture below the main melody line. I like the sound you have used for the lead part.

The above being good, I have to say there was a cymbal (I think) used a lot near the beginning which was way too prominent for me and was really distracting. As mentioned above, it was also a little muddy sounding in places. A little gain reduction on the guitars would likely help this a lot.

Overall a nice piece.

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