I play on a Gibson LP trough a marshall jcm 2000 tsl601. I really enjoy the amp, but it has no effects besides reverb. I enjoy playing mostly rock and blues, but I recently aquired a 12 string electric and it would be awesome to play it with some effects. I'm looking to get a psychedelic sound while playing chords on it with some mystical solo's :P
What do you guys think gets a great psychedelic sound on a 12 string? And maybe also on the gibson.

You need a good compressor to get that classic Byrds/sitar-like sound out of an electric 12-string. Other than that, some delay and Univibe/phaser should get you pretty far out.

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I'm with Tombe^^^ delay and some modulation
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When you crank up the gain to 10 and switch to the lead channel, it actually sounds like you are unjustifiably bombing an innocent foreign land.

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wah could be nice to use on a filter type thing.
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