thinking about changing guitars to Eb when i restring a guitar and changing the setup for the appropriate tuning.

will frequent setups for switching between E and Eb have some wear and tear on the guitar such as adjusting the truss rod, setting the string height etc..?

probably a very easy and obvious question to someone who knows about how to set up guitars.

i dont know much about tuning but want to learn myself how to do it so i can change tunings and adjust it so the feel of the guitar feels the same and not different.

i dont want to get a separate guitar for eb. for instance if i want to play some gnr on a les paul i want to switch to an 11 instead of 10 gauge and do quick setup for Eb, and restring it with 10 gauge and tune up to standard and do another setup to undo that.
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I doubt you'll need to adjust anything unless it is a floating trem. Just retune the guitar
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tune down to Eb and then throw a capo on the first fret when you want standard tuning.
You won't need to adjust anything, unless, as stated it's a DR guitar.

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All my guitars switch between E and Eb and I haven't had to change anything. Unless there is an issue once you tune to Eb, you don't need to do anything.
I've switched between standard, e flat, full step low, (d) open G, open D and E, drop D, and never had to change anything. Even dropping it a full step to D I don't notice any major issues with intonation or action, the only time I give one a thorough checking out is if I change string gauges. That's usually the day I get it...I have a damaged tendon in my left ring finger so the 10 gauge strings I played for 30 years started hurting my hand and I had to switch to 9's. Even then it made very little difference in intonation and none in action.

I change my acoustic from standard to open G to drop D on a regular basis, tunes my band plays require all 3, never have any issues.
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Quote by Robbgnarly
I doubt you'll need to adjust anything unless it is a floating trem. Just retune the guitar

yep. two of my guitars go from drop d to standard frequently and dont need any adjustment.
Don't worry about it, the variaton in string tension by going back and forth between standard tuning to Eb tuning is so negligible that you don't need to setup the guitar again for each tuning.
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