So my neighbor had this Peavey 410 sitting at the end of his driveway for free. Being a fairly broke kid in a punk band, I couldn't NOT take it.

I plugged my amp into it, set the correct impedance and was getting no signal whatsoever. So I took the grill off...

Lo and behold, only two speakers. However, they're both wired to the stereo(?) input jacks.

As you can see, the serial number's fairly well scratched and I can't find too much online about these so if anyone has any general knowledge/tips on getting it to work, it would be much appreciated.

If I can't get it to work, I got the Frankensteinian idea of taking the amp rack out of my bassist's 1x15 combo, the 15" speaker from the combo and the two 10" speakers out of this and building a bastardized combo version of the 1820 cab. I'm not as well versed in bass amps so please warn me if it would explode or something if I try.
Pretty sure that is an old PA speaker, but it might work for bass.
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the speakers are CTS squarebacks, i recognize them by sight but the '137' on the speaker is also their manufacturer designation. i love those speakers, they were in many fender and ampeg amplifiers back in the day (many other manufacturers used them too). they were used in bass and guitar cabinets.

the speaker code does look like 7526 which would be the 26th week of 1975

a real score imo, just need to wire them up so that they work, you'll also need to find the impedance of the speakers as well though i would bet they are 8 ohm. wire them in series for a 16 ohm cab or wire them in parallel for a 4 ohm cab.

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