So i wanna try my hand at building my own guitars, I'm going to make a six string and a seven string and ive started doing some research for what i want in them

im thinking a neck through with 5 piece wenge bubinga (wenge or maple) bubinga wenge neck, ebony fretboard, stainless steel frets, luminlay markers
then swamp ash wings for the body
im going for just a bkp juggernaut bridge
hipshot bridge and tuners
super strat style body and im thinking 25.5" scale
just wondering if all of these woods are going to mesh well tonally and also wondering if i may have to worry about neck dive
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Should, tosin Abasi's sig is pretty much the same except I think he has a
a wenge fretboard. These kinds of woods are more suited to extended range guitars.
inb4 inevitable woods don't make a difference rubbish.
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