I have had the same MIM Strat for 7 of my 8 years of playing guitar, and I have worn the frets down quite a bit. Recently I noticed some buzzing on the 5-7th frets of the D string, and yesterday two of the frets decided to start making the same note. I know that this is due to uneven frets, but raising the action a little seemed to fix the problem. My question is, is this a relatively permanent fix? I would prefer to not have to continue raising the action, but the way it is now is fine. Does anyone know if this problem will persist?
The problem will only get worse over time. Time to get your frets dressed.
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The lowest fret causes the string to "auto-fret", (for want of a better term), at the one above it. So, when you raised the action, it was enough to clear the string above the offending fret.

Depending on the condition of the frets up past the 7th, you might be able to re-fret, only frets 1 through 7, 8, or 9, and call it a wrap.

As was mentioned, having the frets dressed is also an option. But keep in mind, if you have one or more that are very low, the rest of them will have to be dressed almost to that level.

With new frets lower on the neck, they can be higher than the frets above them, with little negative effects. In other words, you wouldn't have to dress the neck, or not as much, assuming there's little wear above the 9th.

Although, new frets often need a bit of dressing anyway, as sometimes they sit at slightly different heights.
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Thanks guys! That is about what I figured. This has been my only electric guitar for the past 7 years, and I have played the heck out of it, so pretty much all of the frets are worn down quite a bit. very few of them have any sort of round shape to them. I will just pretend nothing is wrong until it becomes a problem again, and then I will decide what to do. I will probably just get a new neck for it, or maybe it will be time for a guitar upgrade!
In the future, getting the frets dressed will probably be a better option that getting an entirely new neck. With a new neck you might find it doesn't quite fit the same as the one you are replacing. Also, depending on how well the replacement neck is made, the new neck might need a fret dress anyway.