I bought a monoprice.com "les paul"... Reviews said it's a good guitar for what is is (cheap). I learned on an acoustic and hadn't played in a few years, thought it'd be fun to get back into it with this.

A few days after I got it I packed it into my car for a cross country move, it probably sat in a hot car maybe an afternoon tops during a stop at my brothers in colorado. Pulling the guitar back out of the bag, wax (like hardened candle wax) had pooled on the underside of the body. A substantial amount, probably a half dollar sized amount of melted candle wax looking $hit. Did it come out of a pickup? Monoprice is offering an exchange but I don't know if I'd be liable for shipping... Just wondering if anyone knows what could have happened, they have no clue. There is no way I dropped anything into the bag myself... Plays fine, finish is still fine after I cleaned it up, but have never even plugged it in as I don't have an amp yet so can't say how it sounds..
I have never heard of wax being used for a guitar besides maybe the finish, which you said was fine. Maybe someone dropped some finishing/polishing wax in there by accident.
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I'd guess the wax they potted the pickups with melted. Probably cheap wax with too low of a melting temperature. Might not have any affect on the guitar or it might squeal at higher volumes.

But I'm just guessing.
Is this that cheap $139 Les Paul copy?
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