into the eternal ocean i will dive
with hastily-evolved fins, descending
past the net-evading schools and many-armed
denizens of whirling currents, the growling leviathans
with their nameless limbs reaching at my neck,
to where you reside, in unmapped caves, gulping oxygen
from trapped bubbles and i will watch
as your brushes spill forth the entire universe,
but a better version, where beasts are gentle
and we are gentle in return. your eyes are bright and of
the sea itself, and i long to float with you like water
floating on water.

if i still knew magic i would summon a doorway
and hand in hand we would abscond to that other world
and live among the anemones and bioluminescent creatures
and bask in the slow, warm currents as suns and satellites set and rise
but it appears i have forgotten the way.
kill all humans
Hey! Nice to be reading you again, this is delicious.

Really vivid images here, everything just kind of pops and you wanted it that way, so in that way it's great control you're displaying.

I think a few parts of this could be cleaned up to be a little less wordy. I don't really like the repetition of "floating", especially when you could just put it "float with you like water on water" and it's like butter. I hate to give such specific nit-picky advice, but there's that.

I'm not personally a fan of hyphenated descriptors like you have in the first couple lines, so that bothered me personally but it still works to say what you need to say.

When I say this is a little wordy, what I really mean is that I think it reads like prose. I think this might do better as just a short prose poem, without without the line breaks. Don't be afraid to do away with line breaks if you don't need them.