The morning star lay wasted in anguish.
A pathetic, self-imposed monstrosity of a life.
Blinking in it’s final moments of existence.

As she headed towards the fallout,
lights paved the way back to the beginning of life.
Gasping, writhing for air, her body begged to be relieved of the pain

She lay shaking...waiting for it to end.
The air filled her lungs for the last time...and at that moment,
the moment she was longing for... she was was uncertain.
I like how you're using line breaks with purpose here. The only places you start a new line are new sentences or clauses, and the only places you disrupt a sentence in an awkward spot are when you really want to emphasize something.

Good job
Today I feel electric grey
I hope tomorrow, neon black
Great imagination and good lyrics. I really enjoyed the way you written it. I think you ended the song bit faster. If you give more real life feeling then it is too good. This is just my suggestion.