I'm liking the artwork in this video (is it your own handiwork?)

Interesting work, it all goes together well in my eyes and ears.
nope. well, the animations, i guess. nothing original.

the guitars were me though.
by the way, i stole this riff.
First off, the music is awesome. Not too electronic, but it still has that trippy groove that old school gangsta rap has. The lyrics make sense in context of the song, but I would suggest that the flow should be a little tighter. Instead of sounding like disconnected statements, there should be some long flows that build up a sense of despair and desperation. Just my two cents.

The ending solo was cool. Was that a Whammy pedal or harmonizer?
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I love it musically. All the instruments work really well together and the mix sounds great. That being said, the "rapping" that is going on sounds more like someone at a Poetry Slam. Maybe tighten it up a bit with a better flow. Instead of talking in; broken up statements; the whole time, maybe use that a few times just to emphasize. All in all its good stuff. The animation was something I dig and that ending was really legit. Hope to hear more from you!

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