Good day all. I know I've been effectively inactive for years, but as some of you know, I went to Warwick in Markneukirchen Germany for their open day and VIP party. How? Facebook competition, baby!

Pictures will come later once I figure out how to get them off my phone.

Anyhoos, without further ado.

My adventure, which I won't bore you with, involved me driving to Stansted airport, leaving at 2am on Friday. From ther, i flew to Bremen, drive to Leipzig, stayed overnight, then drive to Markneukirchen Saturday morning.

The site isn't actually that big, which is surprising, I thought it would have been bigger, judging by the videos. Warwick had a stage set up in the outside area, along with food/drink stalls, and some merch stands (including Chloe Trujillo's. That woman is an artist).

The showroom is amazing. Some great examples of custom built instruments, all the way from Corvettes, to Thumb SCs and Infinitys. Credit card wasn't quite enough to get me one Throughout the day I tried a number of different basses. The Infinity is phenomenal, and everyone needs to try it. I also fell in love with a fretless Thumb BO. I noodled about with it for a little bit, when this Ryan Martinie bloke walked past, and gave one of those 'not bad' looks. This. Thumb was also my weapon of choice when I was joined by two Germans for a mammoth bass jam session in the amp booth in the showroom. The Hellborg system is awesome sounding, but will bring out any deficiencies in your playing. Fortunately, even though it's been years since I last played fretless, my kuscle memory wasn't completely shot. During this session, some guy popped in with a Warwick employee and they were talking about a new bass for him, but more on that later.

The factory tour was intesting. I know a lot of you have seen the pictures where loads of bodies are stockpiled, but every instrument is built to order, and the factory produces anywhere between 2-5000 instruments a year. A lot of the machinery is custom built, and the tolerances involved are miniscule. Everything just fits.

The finishing department is impressive- the UV lacquering is almost satin, and less than 1/8th the thickness of the previous, traditional lacquering methods, which affect the colour of the finish and chokes the wood. There we a few examples of some amazing looking chrome finishes being done, some of which are in the pictures.

Music wise, Mass Mental were amazing. Benji Webbe from Skindred, Robert Trujillo and Armand Sabal-Lecco, with Whitfield Crane (Ugly Kid Joe) on vocals. Heavy and groovy. The Wootens were understandably amazing technically, even though I didn't always feel the music was served by the technicality at times. I also watched the Nik West band. Damn, she can play. And sing. And move. Such a great character and I highly recommend you all to check her out. It was during this set some bloke bumped into me as he went past, he quickly turned and apologised in a wonderful Scottish accent. Only later I realised it was Jack Bruce.

In terms of the VIP party, I didn't stay long, as I had to rest up for my drive back to Bremen to catch my flight (all in all, I drove 1000 miles). I met Benji Webbe from Skindred. Such a cool guy, really genuine. Steve Bailey and. I discussed fretless and artificial harmonic technique. He is the smallest man I have ever seen. Robert Trujillo seems to genuinely love it when you compliment him on a set, as does Victor Wooten. I also bumped into this guy mentioned earlier in the amp booth. He was on his own, and I thought 'we're all musicians here with common ground, I'll strike up a conversation.' I was genuinely interested to know what he was looking to having done with the instrument he was chatting with the Warwick employee about. As I walked up to him, he had one of those 'here we go' looks on his face. I start with 'hey, you were the guy who came into the amp booth asking about different pickup configs, or casings or so' 'Nope.' It definately was the same guy, but he was just fobbing me off basically. I found out 20 minites ago it was Guy Pratt, session extraordinaire. Evidently he decided to be a dick that night to this fellow bassist, and I do hope he somehow reads this.

I'd rather not end on a bad note, so I'll finish with a good one, and hopefully get the pictures sorted. I got to meet some amazing musicians (I didn't do the meet and greets, they seem ao forced and weird to me), play some amazing instruments and got an inside view on how these instruments are made first hand. If you get the chance next year, do it. I certainly will again, and I think it would have been an even better experience if I went with some fellow, like minded chaps and chapettes like yourselves.
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