Hey guys, just got my first guitar a week ago;martin LX1E, and wanted to know if not having a hard case with a solid top acoustic guitar will affect the guitar as i probably won't be able to humidify the best considering I'm new. Also wanting to know what the best method to humidify a guitar without a lot of upkeep is.
Thanks guys, really enjoy all the help I have been getting on this website!
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Unless you live in a particularly damp or humid area or you have an issue with a combination of dampness and rapid swings in temperature change where you keep you guitar I wouldn't say you had to really do anything about a de humidifier. I know many players like to use them but in reality unless you have reason to need one due to the climate most homes and rooms would be just fine for an LX1E. Just avoid quick or excessive temperature changes and ensure you don't have a damp problem would be my advice. Of course this all depends where you live but as I live in a rather damp and wet area in south west uK I am talking from experience. Having said that my house is dry and kept at a moderate temperature.

The LX1E is a great guitar so congratulations on the new purchase.
Hi again. I didn't really answer your question properly. Not having a hard case it not an issue at all other than the fact you do not have as much protection. I have several expensive acoustics and often I keep them in gig bags rather than hard cases as it is easier and more convenient at home.... I hope that helps !
I like the Kyser lifeguard. I only use it in the winter when it's dry.
thanks for the responses guys, thats good to know as i use it frequently at home taking it in and out quite a bit only playing for 1/2 a hour at a time. I live in south Australia in an area that is not too hot and dry throughout the summers. Thanks Toby44, I am greatly enjoying my purchase