Hello there,

Damn I've been asking too much question lately ^_^

Okay, so I have a string-thing annoyance. My 3rd string is kinda 'buzzing', the sound of the string (unplugged) is kinda buzzy... all string are like that when I pick them harder than usual but the 3rd is like that even with my mid-strength picking.

Is this a known phenomenon in Squires ?

Anyway I could fix that ?
Needs a setup. Check out the setup sticky at the top of this forum for help on how to do one yourself. It might take a few tries but you should be able to remove or at least reduce the buzz. If the issue is with the frets you may need to take it to a tech, but try a setup first.
Tip: Try your bridge and saddles before you try your truss rod.

Squiers are lower-end guitars compared to some of fender's higher-end ($1000+) guitars. They are more prone to issues (although I'm sure MIM and MIA fenders have issues too)
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I've checked the sticky guide, and I don't have the tool to lower the saddle's tiny pegs.

Meh, guess I'll go to the store again. bit frustrating to travel there each week to fix new gear :\

But I'm probably returning my blackstar id10 to get Mustang II, so ...

Thanks for help guys !
If there's a hardware store close by you can just grab a standard set of hex wrenches for a few dollars. I think the truss rod is 3/16" and the saddles are 5mm, but bring your guitar or double check with Squier on those numbers. A set of metric and US hex wrenches is pretty cheap, you can always just get a standard set if you're not sure which ones you'll need.
Roc is right, get some allen wrenches, the folding sets are handy to have.

If you have fret buzz, you don't need to lower the bridge saddles, you need to raise them...they buzz because the strings are too close to the frets. (action too low) Don't touch the truss rod unless you know it needs adjustment.
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