I'm sure this discussion is on this forum somewhere (probably multiple times), but a quick google search didn't bring it up. I'm just curious as to your opinions: do modeling amps sound as good as tube amps? Here is a page I just read talking about it. I don't quite know my opinion on this matter. I am in college and I believe that my digitech rp500 works perfectly in a dorm room because I can play quietly and still have the same sounds as I would if I were to crank it up. Also I enjoy the variety that modeling gives. What experiences have you guys had with modeling vs tubes?
I think the general idea is that although modelling units such as Axefx, Kemper or maybe even the lepou plugins sound good (AxeFx especially so), a lot of guitarists think there is just an extra 5% that digital units can't capture that make tubes just that bit better.
Also bare in mind that an AxeFx costs loads more than a real Amp and Cab.

Although,we have to consider future technology too- AxeFx could sound exactly like tube amps in 5-10 years time, if not better. I think its so close in recent times it's hard to get a convincing argument for either.
Aw jeez.

There are a lot of tube amps. Some are great, some are crap.

There are a lot of modeling amps. Some are great, some are crap, some of them sound very near to the real thing under certain circumstances.

Anything beyond that becomes silly in a hurry. "As good as" is totally subjective, and you can't group all modeling amps together, just like you can't group all tube amps together.

This is like asking if shoes that aren't Nikes are as good as Nikes. The question is far too vague to answer.