I went to a guitar center on Friday, tried out a steel stringed acoustic guitar, I thought it sounded very well, and I realized for being such a long time player I have no idea what any of this is.

Martin Road Series DRSGT Acoustic/Electric Guitar

- Solid Sitka spruce top, solid sapele back and sides
- 25.4" scale solid sipo neck, black Richlite fingerboard
- Fishman Sonitone built-in electronics with USB
- Single ring rosette, A-frame "X-1" Bracing

Now I know I have some knowledge but very very basic. I know the difference between tube and transistor, single coil and humbucker, activated PU vs non; but that's about it.

I know that the Fishman is the Pick up, but is that model any good? I have no idea.

I think I should know more about this. Does anyone know about a book or website that could teach me this in an organized structure?
My suggestion is that you google each individual feature or model that you are curious about and see what people have to say. There aren't really any web sites or books that are going to tell you how to understand every model of every piece of equipment out there. For example you could google "acoustic pickup" and probably find what people are recommending or happy with.
^ yeah. also check out the acoustic and classical forum here, they have some stickies and information threads about acoustics which would be worth a read.
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I've played a couple of those, and think they're good guitars. - Spruce and solid sapele work very well together if you like bright. IMO, they are one are martins better recent ideas. The pickup with work fine, and because it doesn't have a hole in the side of the guitar, it is inconspicuous and easily removed or replaced.

I've got a lot of fancy gear, but I would be happy to have one of those as my main guitar - provided the neck angle was good and it sounded OK. Individual Martins tend to vary a fair bit for both those things, so don't assume that one from the storeroom will be the same as the one you played.

Other favourites of mine in about the same price range are the Taylor 100 and 200 series (eg 114 and 214). Their electronics get more mixed reviews, but it depends what you like and how important that would be.