Hello all,

Newbie here on this site, as well as a somewhat-newbie to guitar playing. One of the areas I'm researching is solo acoustic performance gear setup incorporating the iPad.

I've seen some performers with, from what I can tell, appears to be nothing more than an iPad and an amp, and perhaps some kind of very basic mixer, and they're able to produce both background rhythms and drums, and they play along and it's all good. I haven't had a chance to ask them about their setup, so I asked the one who knows all, "Mr. Google." I guess I'm not asking The Wise One the correct questions (search queries), because all I'm seeing are results related to iPad mic stand mounts and "iRig" information.

Can anyone here help me with regard to what this kind of setup is called, what apps are used, and if in fact, it's as simple as an iPad and an amp (and perhaps a mixer)? I'm guessing there's more to it than that.

Many thanks!
They could just be playing prerecorded backing tracks, or have a drumstation (something like Fruity Loops) playing a simple looped beat under their playing.
My God, it's full of stars!