About 2 weeks ago I noticed weird comments showing up on a tab I made like "lack of accuracy" was posted at least 3 times, so I replied to the comment and asked why he had posted it. Finally after about a week he posted "I didn't comment that", at this point I knew he was hiding something so I go on his page and noticed he made a tab on the same song I did and was trying to give my tab a low rating, but the worst part is he copied my tab and changed like 2 chords. I confronted this guy about it in the comments and after being lied to repeatedly I just stopped and decided to just suck it up... until Today I get on and this guy made a new account gave all my comments a negative and gave my tab a low rating To be honest this really isn't a big deal but I spent my precious time making a this tab and I take pride in making it because it's a good tab and a good song. Please help me report this guy for what he's doing, I don't know how to report him though

My tab: http://tabs.ultimate-guitar.com/r/rox/heart_ran_dry_crd.htm
His Username:Bewar
The Fake Account he made: HippoMan234
User got warning and a ban for fake account! Also you did the same thing to him which is not appropriate!
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emad I'm gonna ban you, seriously.