So this is my first bass, I'm coming straight as a guitarist and this is for the band I play bass in professionally, so I'm obviously looking for quality on some form of a budget.

This dude's selling this CIJ Fender P Bass from 2005-2006 I believe. I have some pictures. Can you guys tell me if this is a good deal to buy? I'm ignorant on MIJ guitars so I have no idea. It's for $600 and there's Seymour Duncan Quarter Pounders installed.

Serial: R098682 "Crafted In Japan"

Also I tried to sign up at the Oz Bass Forum but no matter what I do I'm not being sent an activation email so I've got to stick to you guys

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2004-2005 actually, so 10 years old at the most, which makes the rubbed off paint a little odd looking, especially as the finish is still glossy. It's likely an artificial "relic" job, which is a little tacky, but I suppose that's somewhat subjective. I'd still expect a bit of a reduction on the price for that, though.

As for the price, it's slightly less than what I'd expect to pay for a used Japanese standard bass, but that's a vague guideline at best as I've just converted the currency and I have no idea about the Aussie market. You're a good bit closer to Japan than GB, and I'm not sure how import duty etc works for you, so that could account for a price difference also. But, for the money, you'll get a good workhorse of a bass - it should serve you well... if you're bothered about the paint issues I'd perhaps try and grab it a touch cheaper.
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Fender's Japanese-made instruments are of fine quality, so you should not have any issues there. I agree that the missing paint is probably someone's attempt at a "relic" job; some people like them and others do not. AU$600.00 is about equal to US$542.00, so that is right around where I would expect such a bass to sell. I would see if the seller would knock off a few dollars because of the "relic" job.
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