My wife is from Argentina. As a result I am very culturally diverse. I don't play much anymore. I currently work in IT at a very large firm in Boston. Seems that all former musicians go into IT. That or the restaurant industry. LOL. Hit me up with a PM if you wanna jam or just talk about Argentine culture.
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lol, what a horsefaced, unselfaware dingus! Poor Danny. NEIGH! NEIGH!
how could Danny have thought tucking that shirt in wuz a good idea? ****en moron, hahahahah!!!!!
I don't think Danny really interviewed a midget. That horse toothed moron is just making stuff up to maintain his edge message board Internet tough guy pose. What a fuggin' tool, LOL!
Afinemess sure has lots of time to **** about on the Internet for a new mom. I feel sorry for her baby. Junkies should not breed.
Boy, Mathilde and Flipper really didn't age well. Too bad they are both alcoholic bums. They would make a good homeless couple!
Making fun of 9)11 commemorations sure is edgy stuff. What a bunch of heartless pieces of shit.
Wunty likes this! I am not really doing it but I could kill myself and no one would care, lol. How saaaaaaaaadddy waaaaadddy. (One of Danny's flipper's allie's or dotrat's maybe dan pm' emoticons here)

Hey before the wunties at SIB start rattling their tree branches I am not "Judy". I just always liked this user name so I regged it here.My irl name is Alan Funt's Wobegone Scrotum.
Interesting, AFWS. I am having a similar thing with my user name.one might think that I am Timma, but I'm not. My irl real nAme is Bundles McDonough.