Looking to trade my Poison Green USA ST3. It's in very used condition. A few finish wears, several scratches, few paint chips. No wood damage, no cracks, plays great.
The middle pickup is disconnected, never attempted to reconnect it as I don't really use it.
Pickups are Dimarzio Super Distortion 2 in the bridge, proto Dimarzio singles in neck and middle position. Parallel pickup switching. Alder body, rock maple neck. Neck has been sanded down and lemon oiled, it's a bit dirty, but another sanding and oiling would clean it up. No fret damage, plays great, stays in tune.

I'm also selling this on Craigslist and sevenstring.org, which I have several references on. This is my new UG account, my old one is xXYoung.BloodXx and have traded on here before.

As for what I'm looking for, I'm interested in everything besides Epiphone, Gibson, Squire, cheaper name brands, Jackson JS, LTD 100/200 series. I'm extremely interested in Ibanez, LTD, PRS SE, Jackson in general. I'll also accept cheaper luthier or home-built guitars if they're nice, and Warmoth super strats. Instant trades would be a good 7 or 8 string, or any Jackson X Series soloist, PRS SE Akerfeldt, etc. But I'm pretty open to offers, so offer away. Trade value around $500~.

Photos: http://s1370.photobucket.com/user/ryan_mahoney1/library/BC%20Rich%20ST3?sort=3&page=1