I'm gonna have trouble explaining this but I'll try my best. The fretted notes sound fine.

There is this awful twang sound when I play my 6th string and it's at it's worst when playing the open note. It sounds as if I'm fretting a note, and bending it quickly. It's not as extreme as that, it's more subtle, that's the best I can describe it. When I play an open note, I want the tone to be even all throughout, the problem is it sounds uneven and slightly out of tune despite being in tune. When I hit the string it's as if it's fluctuating from the proper note, higher, then back down to the proper tone.

My mini jumbo acoustic guitar does it, my new baritone does it.

My 5th string and fretted 6th string for example sounds absolutely perfect. Is it an issue with the open 6th strings in general where they can't attain this even tone? Or could it be an issue with the way the heavier 6th string rests in the nut or the saddle/bridge?

Since the fretted notes sound fine, I'm wondering if getting a custom single string capo for my 6th string would solve this issue.
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In a situation like this, check the nut, check the action, check the fretwire and check the fret board to see if it's striaght. But if you don't know anything about repairing guitars, then take it to someone who does.
Sounds like the 6th string nut slot might be too low. It should be about .022" measured with a feeler gage on the 1st fret. You can usually get away with a little bit lower without any buzz. The 1st fret might also not be set evenly.
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I think I have a better description for the issue. My sixth string sounds like a low sitar note. Kind of like the note is bouncing around. There is no buzzing btw.


The lower notes from 2:31 to 2:33 are kind of what my 6th string sound like.

I've read that it could be an issue with the nut slot being too flat?
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Check the nut and nut slot, bridge, and the first fret. Someone already mentioned all of this, and I agree. Your question about the flat nut slot makes sense too, if the nut slot is too flat it can cause problems. IF this is only happening on the 6th string, open, it shouldn't be further than a couple of frets up the neck, so check the first two or three and be sure one is not hanging too high or a bit loose, and take a close look at the nut where the 6th string slot is. It could be chipped on one side, or too flat. If it's too flat, that's not hard to fix, use a set of welding tip cleaners and find the one that matches the slot size closest, and work it down a little on the back side, toward the tuners.

It only takes a little, so be careful. You can loosen the string enough to get it out of the slot and let it sit on the side of the neck, work on it, put it back in place, no need to remove the string entirely. Do it a little at a time, it's better to have to replace the string and retune a dozen times than to cut it way too deep once...

Anyway I think it sounds like that's a good possibility, a nut slot too flat can give you that kind of effect.
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