Hi all

I really hope someone out there can help me with my problem. I bought a Behringer ACX 450 Ultracoustic amp from Ebay and when it arrived the second channel (mic channel) is not working. I complained an was compensated by the seller but I want to fix the amp.

My dad wants to get inside to take a look at the circuit board and the XLR pot but we have had every visible screw out from the sides of the amp and the front velcro screen off but we just cannot get the section at the top out to see the insides of the amp.

Has anyone had a similar problem with the mic channel in these amps? Can someone please tell us how to get at the amp innards to repair or replace the channel.

Many thanks
Dave T
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i highly doubt. behringer is a uber budget brand, they are made cheaply and aren't really reliable. pull the pan if you want, but i doubt you would find it.
It's solid state and it's a Behringer - you can probably get a better amp for less money/trouble it'll be trying to fix it.
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Ok so they are cheap amps, but I got it for free so what i want to know is how do we get into the electrics please to take a look and see if it is something fixable.
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the amp is probably looks something like this:


they are hard to work on.
Two screws under plastic handle covers. Slides out from back be surefire un plug speaker's board its a short wire