hey guys,

I'm modding my Esp ltd ec-256.

I've changed the knobs, toggleswitch, washer, humbucker rings. Everything was black(a black beauty rip-off). I've put in a seymour duncan tb-4(second hand for 30&euro.

I have problems with the humbucker ring, on both there is a little gap. Does anybody know the best way to fix this?
I'd also like to remove the humbucker cover on the neck. So both pickups are black. The neck pickup is waxed, how should I remove that wax?

Hope you can see the picture i've attached..

Can you be more specific regarding 'little gap'? Where is the gap?

I also wouldn't remove the pickup cover because it's often more trouble than it's worth. It can be very messy and you risk damaging the pickup, just for the sake of aesthetics. Having the cover on there doesn't even look bad on the guitar at all.

EDIT: I've also just noticed something else that's odd... Why is there an inlay on the 11th fret and not on the 12th? It looks really strange.
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I had to mess around with paint to get the picture down in file size...

for the mounting rings, I have found a great video on youtube...
If it's the bridge pickup you've got the gap on, I think it's a problem with their CNC or whatever at the factor. I've got the same issue on my EC401FM, where the screws have been drilled a little close to the bridge and you can see the edge of the pickup route. I've seen a few others with the same problem too. All you can really do is fill the holes, reposition the ring and drill fresh.