In order to replace the bridge single coil in a tele with a humbucker, does the body have to be rerouted to make space? Or will the humbucker fit in the current space?
you could take your pickguard off to make sure next time you restring
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I believe most Teles are not routed for a humbucker in the bridge position. Since the standard Telecaster bridge-plate is installed the way it is, it is a much bigger modification than just switching the pickguard on a Strat. You will need a new bridge too.

Because of that, the only real option is a Tele-style single coil-sized humbucker. Note that a Strat pickup won't find in the bridge position of a Tele, nor would it be possible to mount it with the screw holes in the bridge plate. Seymour Duncan makes a Little '59 for Tele that is quite good, as well as a Hotrail for Tele.

Some Teles are routed for a humbucker in the neck-position though, and for that you only need a new pickguard of course, but it is definitely not as common as Strats routed for HSS or HSH, which could be considered Standard on modern Strats.
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Mexico and MIA Standard Teles will be routed to fit a humbucker in the neck position. You'll have to order a new pickguard, but otherwise it's a drop in replacement, plus the two solder points.
I always thought it be would cool to put a TV Jones in the bridge position of a Tele. I know there are versions that have a humbucker in the bridge position but seem to be few and far between.