Hi, I have a 94 Fender Twin, two channel amp, for those who aren't familiar, it has a overdrive channel, and I'm wondering, what would be a good valve to get more drive? It has good drive and what not now, but I feel it could have a little more, currently it has a Fender logo'd valve, which I think is made by groove tube (correct me if I'm wrong).

One other thing, if someone knows which position effects the sound of channel two, that'd be great, there is a row of 12ax7s, than two 12at7's, so I'm presuming the 12ax7's are the ones that effect tone?

red knob twin?

http://ampwares.com/amplifiers/fender-twin-red-knob-the-twin/ (schematic in the link, if you can't read it I'll take a look)

i'm not sure getting tubes for more drive is the most efficient way to do it. for less drive, sure- but for more drive using an od pedal as a boost is probably handier and gives you more options on the fly.
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You can try high gain 12AX7s, but your wiggle room is pretty much already run out. All the other common tube types are lower gain, not higher gain.

Check this out. http://www.diyguitarist.com/GuitarAmps/SD-Convertible/patgf1.htm

You should just get a good OD, like Dave said.
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