Took a while to build into something signifigant but once it did it was hard to wrap my head around it. Its pretty intricate soloing style you have, it doesn' sound overly difficult at times but it flows well for a consistently long time. The change around 4:30 is very chill, I've been saying this on a lot of reviews but it sounds like it could fit in a video game very well especially after the bass comes in (subtly). Idk, maybe I have video game soundtracks on the mind. This is like an almost peaceful and organized type of schizophrenic rather than say King Crimson's 21st Century Schitzoid Man. Much more peaceful, until around 6:30 where things kind of make a strange transition. Overall it kept my attention well throughtout the 8 minutes which is something I didn't expect it to do. The piano is a nice touch. The ending kind of starts to hurt my brain with how it makes sense musically - it does, but I'm confused as to how it can sound so dissonant yet so right at the same time. Makes me think of drugs more than it does of mental disorders, but it was a good theme you matched pretty well through sound.

Cheers Owen. Yeh, I remember playing along to and listening to King Crimson's 21st century Shizoid man back in the day. As for the video game music vibe, that's something my ear has always had an interest in since I first came across music from the likes of Zelda Ocarina of Time. Thanks for listening.
You definitely got the Schitzo vibe going in that song, but I feel it's just way too much, so many random things blended together. I don't know though, I guess that is the point!