Hi, they are legendary pedals, and have lots of nice options, but one thing to be said of them is reliability. They seem to break a lot, the switches are quite flimsy too i hear. They can be modded however!
Line 6 WILL charge a lot to fix it too.

I know a dude who got the switches replaced in his, together with an expression wheel after it died and needed repair.

Maybe look in to the TC Flashback x4 or (the one i went for) the Vox Delaylab! Similar, 4-knob digital delays with a heap of different sound options, and for cheaper than the DL-4 generally
lol TCs switches are even shittier than Line 6s.

Check out the Echo Park. You can't do as much with it because it's not layed out in the same way, but it'll have the same sound, which is IMO amazing. The Line 6 Digital Delay does it for me.

I have an M9, and yeah a couple of the switches are starting to go.

They need to give the X treatment to all of their pedals. Like yesterday.
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The delay lab is fun, id personally rather have a dl-4 though I'm not sure about reliability on either though. The delay lab has a lot of useless and quite a few fun settings, I only paid a hundred us for my delay lab though new so.
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The X4 is a great unit if you want straightforward access to 3 delays at a time. The quality of delay is great. The buttons, however... I've read quite a few stories similar to mine. 80% of the time my tap tempo is fine. Sometimes it changes tempo to the speed of music that's being played (not sure how, but it's actually handy sometimes), and then more rarely it's just goes crazy & I have to use the manual control to stop it becoming a solid light.

Going to get the button replaced to see if that fixes the issue. If you get a good one it's a great unit, but it seems like quite a few have issues.