Sorry about the title of this thread...

I thought this was kind of an interesting Noodled tune I did I guess. Not sure where to go with it, I've never written much stuff really and it didn't quite flow right. But I think there is an idea there but it needs to be played differently a bit if that makes sense.

I call it Some Song, only because I couldn't think of a name


I recorded it in Reaper and left the volume output too low on accident, so you'll need to crank your volume up to hear it
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Thanks for the crit, dude.

The tone of your guitars is amazing. I really enjoy this. Nice and laid back. Gives off a vibe of "Things are going wrong for me, but I just don't care." Wish it was a good bit longer, so it's something I think you should definitely continue working on, dude.
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Thanks man, it's heavily processed with a Digitech RP1000. It was the auto-ya ya effect, almost like a subtle voice box effect. The song is a bit rough around the edges for sure, it was one of those idea songs that I was noodling. Like it could be good with some major changes, but it's more of just kind of a TONE show off thing.

The Digitech is ok sometimes, but it also drives me crazy for certain things, because it sucks tone sometimes (the rp1000 can be very problematic on the high E string above 12th fret when trying to get single notes to ring out properly).

Like I was messing around learning to do the Comfortably Numb solo, and I couldn't dial in the correct tone even after about an hour of trying. With these kind of processing devices, it can get frustrating sometimes. You think you got the tone right, and then when you hit one note somewhere else it doesn't jive.

Would love a Fractal FX box or even just more gear in general.
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Thanks for the crit,

Super sexy guitar tone, you really remind me of someone in playing style, i'll come back to you when I can think of it. Anyway yeah it's super cool and from what I can hear you've recorded pretty well. You should try flesh it out into something bigger with lyrics and proper structure though, I'm hearing a kind of Joe Bonamassa style of singing and verses over this or maybe Pink Flloyd style.