I listened to a bit of it, Peace of Mind was my favorite, though I will go back and re-listen again. I really like Peace of Mind, I picture someone playing a guitar in the back of a cedar-built bar at an upscale ski resort or something like that
I think the vocals are good enough on some of the songs, but it might help to add some post processing to smooth it out a bit. The range on the vocals isn't always matching the tone of the song (some songs it does in some parts).

I think with post-processing, the vocals should be fine (at least some of them).
Yup, vocals are definitively the hardest part for me to record (and perform as well).

The setup I use for vocals varies a bit - as opposed to guitar where I've kind of figured out how to get the sounds I want - so I don't know if perhaps the Mic placement, pop-filter, preamp or effects added later on would fix them.

Peace of mind is a personal favorite of mine as well, glad you liked it!

But, thanks for the feedback! I will work more on vocals, practice singing and figure out how I should go about recording it.
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Thanks for the crit man,

I gave a listen to a few of them, I really like 'I wanna know your mind' I think your vocals are good there too, they fit the style well. I don't have my nice headphones but the production sounds awesome, really trippy and nicely layered.

Peace of Mind is really nice too, nice vocals there too. It seems to me when others are mentioning your vocals being a little off on other tracks, it's probably just you need to practice them more or maybe change to an easier key for you. I think generally you have good feeling and inflection to your vocals which is more important than being pitch perfect.