I've been getting heavily back into Doom, Sludge, Stoner and various other slow and viscous styles of metal. So here is my playlist, sorry for the delay been staying with a friend until today.

I know Death and Black are far more popular than doom is on this site site, but eh, Doom is what I like so Doom is what you get.


Keep it sludgy.

15/9/2014 - KirkAsking4Satan
22/9/2014 - AnnihiSSlateR
29/9/2014 - severed-metal
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Havent listened to the new earth. Great stuff. Im on EW now, but ive already listened to this song like 1000 times. great mix so far though. fukking love doom
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I know anything off of Dopethrone is horrifically obvious, but I just love that track.
All I want is for everyone to go to hell...
...It's the last place I was seen before I lost myself

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You can be the deputy llamma of the recordings forum!
Kicking off with Sabbath, you're in my good books already.

Wo Fat - I think I've heard the name before, certainly never listened to them. Kind of sound a bit to sparse and raw for my liking. I can take either or, but together it just sounds incomplete and amaturish. Get's better when the drums come in, but I'm finding it grates a little.

Earth - A band who's name I see everywhere, but never took the time to listen to. It's actually bit better than I expected. It's got a decent atmosphere to the slow groove so far. Liking the bluesy solo too. Quite a nice vibe, and despite it's lenght didn't feel like it went on too long.

Electric Wizard - There seems so much love for them, but I've never properly taken the time to listen to them. The riffs are alright, but the vocals are turning me off. I feel like it needs more groove to it. Kind of found this a little disappointing if I'm honest.

Windhand - not familar with them, but it seems decent enough. Surprisingly melodic with the chrod progression providing a melodic line of sorts.

Shadow Of The Torturer - Bit more immdiacy to this one, less expansive and atmospheric. Almost feels 'thin' by comparison to the last track. I feel like this probably went on a bit too long for me.

The Howling Void - This sounds like a promising Start. Kind of typical funeral doom, but then that's what you want isn't it. Reminds me of Ixion at times in the textures and melodies. Very uplifting and subtley grandiose (oxymoron?) in the way that good funeral doom is. I enjoyed this one.

Dune - Not doing it for me. It's the vocal style, and the beat is too up beat.

Vainaja - That's a very low end heavy sound they've go going on there. I'm not keen on the sort of death doom sound they have going on.

Ahab - Liked their first couple of albums, not listened to this one in ages. It's neither as atmsopheric or heavy as I remember it being. Funny how perception changes over time.

Sea Witch - I like the production, there's a real murky vibe to it that works. There's some strange timbres going on that I quite like, a little less convinced by the sampled cymbal that sounds like the loop got cut short that comes in part way through.

I think this mix ended up being better than expected in some respects, but at the same time reinforced why a lot of this sort of stuff isn't my thing at all.
Bad ass mix.. I loved that Earth track.

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